Top 5 Best Kendrick Lamar Songs Of All Time

Kendrick Lamar is active since 2003 and right from that day, this man is literally making some very good relation with the music. Talking about the publicity, well, Kendrick Lamar is also famous for his publicity as well. Taking about the music and songwriting his main goal, he is just perfect! For this man, I must say that he is becoming the backbone of hip hop industry. Being 29 years old, he has got real skills in writing songs and making music. From those skills and talent, we have gathered top 5 songs of Kendrick Lamar’s career. Let’s start with the first one!

1. -“m.A.A.d City” Featuring MC Eiht

With the 53 million views and 2232 thousand likes, this song literally has some extra credit in boosting up Kendrick’s career. Kendrick Lamar also believes that this song was his career’s best song ever because of the lyrics, music, public response and most importantly the catchy title image.

2.- “Cartoon & Cereal” featuring GunPlay

With over 1 million views and 5 thousand likes on official video, this song literally had real abilities to stand on the second position in our list. No doubt, this statistic is low if we compare with other songs but the thing that we are focusing here is the fame and popularity of the song and according to that, this song got a big fame when it was first released.

3.- Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst

The song was officially released in 2012 and got unexpected fame. The song got 5 million views and more than 29 thousand likes. This song targets the inner feelings of man’s soul.

4.- Money Trees

The song was officially released in 2012 and I think every song that got the fame and popularity were released in 2012. Well, the official song video got more than 53 million views and over 175 thousand likes. According to a source, the Kendrick Lamar wasn’t expecting this fame at all.

5 – “The Blacker The Berry”

Now, that’s the only song in the list which got the popularity and was released in 2015. The official video of this song got more than 53 million views and got more than 175 thousand likes. So, these were the top 5 best songs of Kendrick Lamar, I hope you have already included them in your best music apps right?

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