The 5 Greatest J. Cole Feature Verses Ever

J. Cole has got real talent of writing some serious, humorous, aggressive, and romantic lyrics and that’s the reason why we chose this man for our title of today. We are here with the 5 greatest Feature Verses of J. Cole. I think we must give you a simple background about his early childhood. Just for the fans of J. Cole, his father was an army soldier and mother served the Postal Services in the United States. J. Cole showed his love and affection towards music after his mom brought the brand new ASR-X as a Christmas gift for him. Just after few years of practicing, he was able to write and manage the following best lines of his career!

1- Looking For Trouble (Kanye West) Featuring J. Cole

The album of this song was featuring three more artists and J. Cole was fourth of them but the best line of the lyrics of this song was written by J. Cole and that is “Ironic you been sleeping on the one that you been dreamin’ bout”.

2- Star Is Born Ft. J. Cole

Artists like Jay-Z also has a big heart for J. Cole and he has already admitted on many occasions as well. The best lines of this song’s lyrics are “Flows cold as the shoulder of a gold digging hoes when a broke nigga approaches”. There is a big story behind the meanings and feelings of these lines.

3- Beautiful Bliss Featuring Melanie Fiona and J. Cole

Along with J. Cole, Melanie Fiona also has done a great job in writing some touchy lines but as here we are only talking about J. Cole, so we will only stick to that. The best lines of this song are “Catch me on your doorstep you see me let me in, all I wanna do is eat I’m the freaky lesbian”. Sounds erotic but that’s okay when you listen to it with the previous lines.

4- Pray (The Game) Featuring J. Cole and JMSN

The best line that I loved the most was “I’m cool, strapped up, I played by the rules, damn”. J. Cole was actually sad of his faulty effort based on true rules.

5- Winter Schemes (Wale) Featuring J. Cole

Just WOW! When I first listened to this song, I literally had some goosebumps when I listened “I gotta be the only one that didn’t change for ya. I saw ya sortin’ through trash and brought change for ya”.

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