Par instinct Soundtrack (2017) – Complete List of Songs

Par Instinct Soundtrack: This actually is a French movie and was released in October 2017. Under the directory of Nathalie Marchak, the entire movie contains rivalry, betrayal and fear. The dubbed version will soon be able on the internet, however, there’re some English lines. Overall, it’s understandable!

The soundtrack from Par instinct, a 2017 Movie, tracklist, listen to some of the 13 soundtrack songs and play OST music. background music, View who sings all the songs.

Par instinct Soundtrack Track Listing

1. Alexandre Azaria – My Love (feat. Moira Conrath)
2. Alexandre Azaria – Filature
3. Alexandre Azaria – La recherche
4. Alexandre Azaria – Les bijoux
5. Alexandre Azaria – La police
6. Alexandre Azaria – Nous deux
7. Alexandre Azaria – La maison (Suite)
8. Alexandre Azaria – Ready to Dance (feat. Angie Berthias-Cazaux)
9. Alexandre Azaria – Un long voyage
10. Alexandre Azaria – Follow Me
11. Alexandre Azaria – L’étoile manquante
12. Alexandre Azaria – Beauty
13. Alexandre Azaria – Like a Ghost in the Winter (feat. Gregg Michel)

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