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Isle of Dogs Soundtrack (2018) – Complete List of Songs

Isle of Dogs was initially released on February 15, 2018. The most amazing thing about this animated movie is that it is actually the American Stop-Motion Animation film. It is quite surprising to see this kind of animation in this era of animation world. In under one month of its release on the box office, Isle of Dogs has generated a revenue of $1.6 million as of now (27 March 2018). This animated film is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures and this movie has recently been released in USA on 23rd of March. The whole story is covered in 101 minutes and the story is literally amazing. You must watch it once!

Isle of Dogs Soundtrack tracklist, listen to some of the 20 soundtrack songs and play OST music. View who sings all the songs

Isle of Dogs Soundtrack Tracklist
1. Shinto Shrine (Alexandre Desplat)
2. Taiko Drumming (Kaoru Watanabe)
3. The Municipal Dome (Alexandre Desplat)
4. Six Months Later Dog + Dog – Fight (Alexandre Desplat)
5. The Hero Pack (Alexandre Desplat)
6. First Crash – Landing (Alexandre Desplat)
7. Kanbei & Katsushiro Kikuchiyo’s Mambo (from Seven Samurai) (Toho Symphony Orchestra)
8. Second Crash – Landing + Bath House + Beach Attack (Alexandre Desplat)
9. Nutmeg (Alexandre Desplat)
10. Kosame No Oka (from Drunken Angel) (David Mansfield)
11. I Won’t Hurt You (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band)
12. Toshiro (Alexandre Desplat)
13. Jupiter and Oracle + Aboriginal Dogs (Alexandre Desplat)
14. Sushi Scene (Alexandre Desplat)
15. Midnight Sleighride (from ‘The Lieutenant Kije Suite’) (The Sauter – Finegan Orchestra)
16. Pagoda Slide (Alexandre Desplat)
17. First Bath of a Stray Dog (Alexandre Desplat)
18. TV Drumming (Kaoru Watanabe)
19. Konbayashi Canine – Testing Laboratory (Alexandre Desplat)
20. Tokyo Shoe Shine Boy (Teruko Akatsuki)
21. Re – Election Night Parts 1
22. End Titles (Alexandre Desplat)

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