Call of Duty: WWII – Characters and Voice Actors

Behind The Voices Of Call of Duty: WWII: Based on true events, this game has already been released and the hype of all the gamers have finally ended. The game is full of action and the best dialogues ever, and you know, the voice actors of any character makes a scene perfect.

1.Daniels Voice By Brett Zimmerman

2. ZUSSMAN Voice By Jonathan Tucker

3. DAVIS Voice By Matt Riedy

4.TURNER Voice By Jeffrey Pierce

5.PIERSON Voice By Josh Duhamel

6.STILES Voice By Kevin Coubal

6.AIELLO Voice By Jeff Schine

7.HOWARD Voice By Russell Richardson

8.PEREZ Voice By Christian Lanz

9.CROWLEY Voice By David Alpay

10.ROUSSEAU Voice By Bella Dayne

11.VIVIAN Voice By Helen Sadler

12.PUAL Voice By Chris Browning

13.ERICA Voice By Aleksandra Jade

14.ANNA Voice By Lilth Max

15.HEINRICH Voice By J.Paul Boehmer


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