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Queen Naija – Good Morning Text Instrumental

Queen Naija - Good Morning Text
Queen Naija - Good Morning Text

Queen Naija is ready to show up and show out once again!

The breakout star drops off the new song, “Good Morning Text” a record that sees her questioning her relationship.

“Cause I don’t get that / Good morning text no more / I don’t get no kiss when I walk out the door,” she sings. She later adds, “I be up late reminiscing / Never had to beg for your attention / Gotta do the most for a mention / When we make love, only time you say you miss it.”

Hey Queen Naija, thanks for reminding us all about what we all miss because once the newness is gone from the relationship, it’s a battle of trying! We could go into what a man should do or what a woman should do, but to be frank, the ball gets dropped on both sides.


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