Lincoln Wish – Olivia’s Wish List Commercial Ad Song

Lincoln Wish – Olivia’s Wish List” is basically a commercial ad of Lincoln that was launched in United States in November 2017. This commercial ad was released under the title “Lincoln Presents Olivia’s Wish List :75”.

The commercial song is “VI. Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2″ by Dmitri Shostakovich. For those of you who like this song, is available To Download From Amazon Or iTunes.


It all starts with a wish. Make yours come true with exclusive offers across our entire lineup during the Lincoln Wish List Sales Event:

This commercial was posted to Lincoln Motor Co YouTube Page


  1. What orchestra is playing “VI. Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2″ by Dmitri Shostakovich in the 2017Lincoln “Wish List” ad?

  2. Best car commercial ever! Close to one of best commercials ever. Always puts a smile on my face! Love it! Deserves an award!!!

  3. I echo all the comments above. Thanks to this snippet of music – I researched its origin & heard the entire piece – Waltz # 2 by Shostakovich . What a beautiful piece of music.

  4. Every couple in town is interracial?


    That alone makes this commercial complete shit.

    Let’s see how long my comment lasts before it gets deleted.

    1. Precisely Dirk. Vox Popili and many others caught this too. Many other adverts use this theme too. Many Whites seem to lust after self/genetic. It is unique among the species. And they’ve no angst using children to push it with predictable results. Working out so well, no?

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