DD Osama Age: Key Details and Bio Info Updated 2024

dd osama age

Curious to know, How Old is DD Osama? David DeShaun Reyes, known by his stage name DD Osama, is 18 years old as of 2024. He was born on November 29, 2006, and hails from Harlem, New York. DD Osama has garnered attention in the music industry for his skills in rapping.

Full Name David DeShaun Reyes
Stage Name DD Osama
Age 18 Years Old
Profession American Rapper
Net Worth $700k

Coming from a musical family background, DD Osama partnered with his younger brother, Notti Osama, to pursue their music careers together. Despite the tragic passing of Notti in 2022, DD Osama continues to honor his brother’s memory through their collaborations and his solo work.

Who is DD Osama?

DD Osama is an American rapper who started his musical career with his brother. After his brother’s death, he continued to make solo albums and gained fame through many hit songs. Currently, DD Osama is 18 years old.

DD Osama’s Early Life and Family

DD Osama’s father is a businessman, and his mother worked as a real estate agent until they separated when Osama was just 10 years old. Music was a natural talent for him and his brother from a very young age. They sang together, sharing dreams and performing on stages, creating songs that resonated deeply with their audience. There is no information about DD’s education, as he only focused on his music career.

DD Osama Career

DD Osama started his music journey with his brother Notti, but Notti’s sudden passing deeply affected him. Despite this, DD Osama focused on music and turned his sadness into a source of strength. 

His career began to soar in 2021 with his first song “Aftermath,” a collaboration with his brother that marked a big start. Quickly becoming well-known in rap, songs like “Without You” showed off his natural talent. 

In 2022, “Dead Opps” got over 19 million views, becoming a heartfelt tribute that solidified his place in the music world. Later that year, “Letter 2 Notti” revealed his depth as an artist, connecting deeply with fans online. 

DD Osama’s journey shows his musical skill and strength, with each year bringing new successes and proving his bright future in music.

DD Osama Girlfriends and Boyfriends

DD Osama is known for his dedicated work ethic and unwavering commitment to his musical career. Following the tragic loss of his brother, he channeled his grief into his music, producing impactful hits that resonated with his audience. His relentless dedication has propelled him to new heights in the industry, showcasing his resilience and artistic growth. Despite his public persona, details about his personal life, including romantic relationships, remain private. DD Osama continues to captivate listeners with his poignant lyrics and distinctive style, solidifying his place as a rising star in the music scene.

DD Osama Age and Bio info

Full Name David DeShaun Reyes
Date of Birth November 29, 2006
Place of Birth New York
Age 18 Years Old
Gender Male
Parents Mr. Osama and Crimsley Martinez 
Siblings 5
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Children 0 Children


What is the age of DD Osama?

DD Osama is 18 years old as of 2024.

What is the height and weight of DD Osama?

DD Osama is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 55 kg.

What is the eye color and hair color of DD Osama?

DD Osama has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Is DD Osama in a relationship?

No, he is currently single.

Does DD Osama have tattoos?

Yes, he has multiple tattoos.

Why is DD Osama so famous?

DD Osama gained fame primarily through his music career, particularly for his songs and collaborations, including those with his brother Notti.

Did DD Osama and Osama bin Laden relate?

No, they are not related in any way.

Who is the Father of DD Osama?

Mr. Osama is the Father of DD Osama.

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