Afghanistan National Anthem Song & Lyrics

Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia. The country has a population of 35 million, making it the 42nd most populous country in the world.
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Afghanistan National Anthem Lyrics
Fortress of Islam, heart of Asia,
Forever free, soil of the Aryans,
Birthplace of great heroes,
Fellow traveller of the warriors of the men of God,
God is great! God is great! God is great!

Arrow of His faith to the arena of Jihad,
Removing the shackles of suppression,
The nation of freedom, Afghanistan,
Breaks the chains of the oppressed in the world.
God is great! God is great! God is great!

Let the lines of the Koran be our order,
Let the banner of faith be on our roof,
With the echoes and the voices going together,
Let national unity be what we strive for,
God is great! God is great! God is great!

Live happy, live free, live and prosper,
Oh homeland in the light of God’s law,
Lift the torch of freedom high,
Become a leader for the people who are oppressed,
God is great! God is great! God is great!

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