Yeontan Wiki, Age, Bio, & Family

Yeontan is the name of the Pet Dog , Who was a rescue adopted By “V” ( Kim  Taehyung ‘BTS Member’ ) in 2017.

Yeontan Age:

Yeontan was born on 7 September, 2017.  He is 7 Years Old as estimated in 2023. He is known by many other nicknames “Tan”, “Tannie”, “Kim Yeontan”.

Birth Name: Yeontan 
Nicknames: Tan, Tannie, Kim Yeontan 
Birth Date: 7 September,2017
Age: 7 Years Old

Yeontan Breed and Appearence:

Yeontan is a Pomeranian Male Dog. He is Black and Tan in Color.

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Reason Behind Yeontan Popularity:

Yeontan is the first pet dog owned by “V” a Popular BTS Member. On 4 Dec, 2017 , He was revealed for the first time on “V Live” where they were celebrating Jin’s Birthday.

He was seen in a V Debut Album cover “LayOver”. In Dec , 2021 , V Posted a Picture of Yeontan on which he got 10 Million likes in just 6 hrs and 10 minutes.

Yeontan Bond With V:

Yeontan shares a cute pure bond with V. Currently, He Lives with V at his apartment in Seoul . V Loves to play with Yeontan, and when he’s sad or having much workload.

He loves to spend some time with Yeontan to Cheer up. He also Interact with Other Members of BTS. When Taehyung had to travel related to his work , so Yeontan lives with V Parents.

Health Issues:

This Cute little Dog “Yeontan” is suffering from serious health issues. He has a heart disease and have undergone through 2 heart surgeries in 2021 but unfortunately he couldn’t recover from it.

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