Secrets of Increasing Instagram Comments for Entrepreneurs

Secrets of Increasing Instagram Comments for Entrepreneurs

More than 10 years have passed since the launch of one of the most visited social platforms today. During this time, the platform has undergone a lot of changes, visible and invisible to our eyes. 

New content formats, opportunities for business development and advertising, as well as interaction with the audience – that’s what we see. But there is something that is invisible to us, these are new algorithms. 

The algorithms are the key to conquering new heights and getting the most out of using a certain social network. That’s why most of the strategies that marketers offer in the modern world are based on algorithms. Do you remember the times when followers were kings? In 2023, they aren’t as important as engagement. 

Engagement includes a variety of account metrics that clearly demonstrate how often users interact with the content and the entrepreneur’s page. Based on this data, algorithms rank content by active interactions, popularity and demand. 

In today’s article we’ll talk about one of the main metrics – comments. Why are they important? How can you get them?  You’ll find the answers to these questions below. We’ll also talk about buying Instagram real comments for the fastest and most effective promotion of your page. Read on!

Comments – why are they important?

It may seem that comments are just a response or a user’s opinion on certain content. But this is more than an answer. They’re one of the most important indicators of users’ trust in you. Most often, brands receive comments from users if they were able to build trusting and “friendly” relationships with the audience. Comments are a sign that your brand deserves the attention of others. 

Plus, comments are one of the metrics in the engagement rate. They’re like a signal for algorithms – if your posts receive quite a lot of comments,  they’ll be recommended to other users who don’t follow your company.

Depending on how many comments your post has received, it may be on the Explore tab and on the newsfeed top. Therefore, by increasing the visibility of your publications through comments, you’ll get not only high activity, but also potential customers.

But how to get them? Below we’ll share three secrets of getting user interactions that you definitely want to use.

How to increase comments quickly and easily?

  • Ask questions

The first secret is don’t complicate it. When it comes to improving engagement, entrepreneurs tend to use sophisticated marketing tools. But sometimes it’s enough to find the right approach to your target audience and pay attention to them. Questions are a simple and understandable way to interact with readers. When you ask a question or their opinion, you automatically encourage them to write an answer.

A simple question led to almost a thousand comments from fans, and thereby sent the publication on the top.

  • Run a giveaway 

The second secret is giveaways. This method is much cheaper than buying targeted advertising or cooperating with influencers, but no less effective in terms of improving engagement. People like to perform simple actions for free things, so contests have been and remain one of the working ways to attract attention to their brand and get a bunch of interactions from real users.

The big advantage of this method is that you improve the statistics of your page comprehensively. For giveaway participants, you independently determine the conditions of participation : these can be likes, comments, repost, follow, etc. Plus, you can ask users to tag friends – in this case you’ll get comments and more attention from non-followers.

  • Use a third-party service

Finally, the last secret is the option to buy comments. Yes, this is as effective as the other methods we shared above, but there is one difference here – you don’t take an active part. That is, you delegate this task to specialists, and they do everything for you. This is beneficial both from the point of view of saving the marketing budget (it’s cheap) and from the point of view of saving time. That’s why this method is used by entrepreneurs, but they don’t speak out loud.

Despite all the advantages, businessmen are wondering: Is it legal to buy comments?

Yes, it is safe and legal if you choose as a provider a decent company that offers genuine interactions, and not bots and fakes. In this case, you don’t violate anything, but get the result you need. 

Final thoughts

Comments have a huge impact on engagement rate and your online image. You can boost them simply and effectively by following the practical tips we shared today. In the end result, you’ll see how your page will grow with comments.

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