Arkadiy Mutavchi: Biography & Facts about Tacticum Investments Shareholder

Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich is a professional investor, businessman and founder of various companies operating in trading, financial, industrial, and investment areas.

First Steps in His Professional Life

Mutavchi Arkadiy was born in a small regional center. He had lived in his hometown for 18 years. Even in his teenage years, he showcased ambition and a sense of purpose by combining his school attendance with his part-time job at a fishery company. At the age of 14 as an unskilled worker, Mutavchi managed to earn his own money. Despite his part-time work, the school student succeeded in his courses of study. This side work at the local fish farm became the first work experience for the future investor of Tacticum Investments.

Upon graduation from high school in 1987, Mutavchi Arkadiy was ordered to active duty in the Armed Forces of the USSR, where he served two years as provided for by the law. After discharge from the service, he got a job at Sidjata, a Soviet-Hungarian joint venture. The company was focused on domestic and overseas supplies of engineering products to Europe.

It was not easy to get that prestigious job, and Mutavchi had to go through serious shortlisting. He managed to undercut the competition and take the managerial position due to his foreign language skills and his natural gift of analytical thinking. It was in that period – from 1990 until 1991 – that Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich began building up his initial capital for his forthcoming investments.

Active Capital Accumulation (1992–1997)

This is a professional milestone that defined the subsequent development of entrepreneurial and investment activities of Arkadiy Mutavchi. His participation in various business projects laid the foundation for establishing his own companies, major acquisitions, and the establishment of Tacticum Group (the core asset is Tacticum Investments S.A.). This fruitful five-year-long work enabled the investor to gain in-depth practical expertise in order to master his craft.

On his path to investing in Tacticum Investments, Mutavchi Arkadiy incrementally increased his seed capital by making lucrative financial investments. The first stepping stone was his successful development project: purchase of a land plot with subsequent change of its intended use, laying utilities, and construction of a recreation facility. In order to make this business model happen in 1994 Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi formed the farm household called Rus together with his business partner.

In the same year, Mutavchi Arkadiy opened his first investment account at a stock exchange and began studying the nuts and bolts of the stock market. At that time securities transactions were a new trend on this nascent market with immature infrastructure. However, Mutavchi was able to understand the potential of the trend. The Acumen of the present-day shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A. enabled him to grow and accumulate his capital.

Star service was the next step. This is where Arkadiy evolved as a manager. The company was engaged in the manufacture and supplies of drilling equipment and related auxiliaries. He worked at the company from 1995 until 1997. Mutavchi Arkadiy was initially in charge of legal issues in the capacity of Deputy Director, and later he served as the company’s Commercial Director.

The next career position of the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments was the proposal to join Metal-Impex, a Brokinvestservice group of companies. The enterprise was a major stakeholder in the metals market. Its counterparties included a number of industrial giants from Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, and Taganrog. There since 1997, Mutavchi Arkadiy held the position of Deputy Director. He was responsible for the execution of tolling schemes involving metal alloys and various types of metals, including zinc, aluminum, etc.

Despite his high salary and career advancement, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi grew interested in setting up and developing his own business. This circumstance was one of the reasons of his resignation one year later and return to running his own business.

Arkadiy Mutavchi and His Own Business (1998–2002)

In 1998 the present-day shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A. made his final choice in favor of independent commercial activity. The first result of his decision was the formation of Shelda together with his partners. The enterprise was engaged in barter transactions, rolled metal sales, and transactions with bills of exchange. The company’s key counterparties were real estate developers. Two years later – in 2000 – Mutavchi Arkadiy accepted his partners’ offer to sell his part of the business and he effected that profitable deal.

Without pausing, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi formed his new company called Profintek, again together with his partners. The scope of financial and industrial activities of this company was more extensive than that of Shelda. The oil products market was a new area of business for the company. The company purchased crude oil, refined it, and sold the finished products. In 2002, Arkadiy sold his shares to the partners and again increased his capital, which had helped the entrepreneur to get one step closer to his investment in Tacticum Investments.

Back to Business (2008–2011)

This break in his entrepreneurial activity was due to his increased interest in sciences and extended education. Arkadiy Mutavchi returned to business with his certificate of economic qualification and his advanced degree in jurisprudence. Having accepted the offer by his previous partners, he became Vice President and Chair of Kungur Group. The entity was the leading supplier of drilling equipment, including mobile and fixed drilling installations.

At that time Mutavchi – just as he would later as the Tacticum Investments shareholder – set ambitious goals. Among them were taking the group to an IPO and international markets and acquisition of overseas assets. The 2008 global financial crisis thwarted these plans. Despite this factor, the entrepreneur gained invaluable experience in commerce and management. And he later applied this know-how at Tacticum Investments S.A. The businessman served in the company until 2011.

Investment Activity (2014–2017)

The investor was able to become a shareholder of Tacticum Investments thanks to the nonstop formation of his own capital – starting with opening his investment account on the securities market. Regardless of his place of work, Arkadiy Mutavchi concurrently invested in various assets, including real property, shares, and coins made of precious metals.

The qualified investor status he received in 2014 was yet another achievement of the consistently practicing stock trader. This status is an official acknowledgment of competencies as fixed in the legislation since 1996 when the Law on Securities Market was passed. In his capacity of a credentialed qualified investor, Mutavchi Arkadiy was able to seize advanced opportunities offered on the stock market, which boosted his investment activity.

In 2015 he acquired a licensed management company Trigrad, which had been private prior to the purchase. As a shareholder and general director Mutavchi Arkadiy prioritized sectors with low business cycles. His investments included funding of information technologies, real estate assets, and the promising healthcare sector. In 2017 he terminated his business relations with the company.

Tacticum Investments S.A.

Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich became focused on further expansion of his investments, which over time had enabled him to act as a major stock trader with access to global markets and overseas assets.

His yet another career achievement was the formation of the Tacticum group. This opened up ample opportunities that come with the qualified investor status. The strategic vision of Arkadiy Mutavchi was based on his optimistic view of the European stock market. Despite the downward trend, there were still grounds for a turnaround.

In these conditions, the Luxemburg-based Long Term Investments was acquired. The company was later renamed Tacticum Investments S.A. on the analogy of the investment group name. The high-risk strategy promised good returns provided increases in the share prices. The company owned a portfolio of mixed assets including the securities of Pirelli, a world-famous tire manufacturer.

Due to the global economic situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic Pirelli shares went down in price and there was no upward trend in sight. This is why in 2023 Tacticum Investments – as part of its investment strategy – sold its Pirelli assets picking the right moment for the transaction.

Currently, Tacticum Investments S.A. is a private and stable company whose principal shareholder is Mutavchi Arkadiy. The company’s core activities are:

  • Direct investing: The company acquires and restructures assets using its own funds and third-party funds;
  • Portfolio investing: The company purchases and sells bonds and shares to generate income as a result of fluctuating prices. The company also earns from options and other financial instruments.

Tacticum Investments is a team of experts. Arkadiy Mutavchi managed to gather professionals with hands-on experience in their respective areas of expertise. These are highly skilled professionals with prior experience in international banking, investment companies, and consulting firms.

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