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Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus – All Voice Actors & Cast Images, Characters

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Behind The Voices: This FPS game is based on utter action, adventure and destruction as well. The developers are MachineGames and the voice over of characters are recorded by these best voices in the world.

1. Fergus-Reid Voice by Gideon Emery

2. Anya Oliwa Voice by Alicja Bachleda

3. B.J. Blazkowicz Voice By Brian Bloom

4. RIP Blazkowicz Voice by Glenn Morshower

5. Caroline Becker Voice By Bonita Friedericy

6. Horton Boone Voice By Christopher Heyerdahl

7. Zofia Voice By Michelle Forbes

8. Super Spesh Voice By Don Mcmanus

9. Irene Engel Voice By Nina Franoszek

10. Billie Voice By Bresha Webb

11. Billy Blazkowicz Voice By Debi Derryberry

12. Bombate Voice By Peter Macon

13. Grace Walker Voice By Dera Wilson

14. Milkshake Nazi Voice By Heiko Obermoller

15. Sigrun Engel Voice By Alyssa Preston

16. Set Roth Voice By Mark Ivanir

17. Professor Voice By Stephanie Vickers

18. Frau Helene Voice By Kristina Klebe

19. Max Hass Voice By Alex Solowitz

20. Paris Jack Voice By Antonio D. Charity

21. Adolf Hitler Voice By Norbert Weisser

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