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Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack (2017) – Complete List of Songs

Thor Ragnarok Soundtrack: The third of series of Thor is quite fascinating movie of Marvels Cinematic. The makers have decided not to show extreme seriousness So, the movie is funny making fun of superheroes and the climax is extremely interesting. Thus it has managed to reach trillion dollars count.

The soundtrack from Thor: Ragnarok, a 2017 Movie, tracklist, listen to some of the 26 full soundtrack songs and play OST music. background music , View who sings all the songs

Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack Track Listing

Teaser trailer / The intro to the movie with Thor fighting Surtur / The Re-Avengers fight sequence near the end of the film on the Rainbow Bridge! : Song Used: Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
2. Magic Sword – In the Face of Evil
3. Mark Mothersbaugh – Ragnarok Suite
4. Mark Mothersbaugh – Running Short on Options
5. Mark Mothersbaugh – Thor: Ragnarok
6. Mark Mothersbaugh – Weird Things Happen
Is played when Thor meets up with Dr. Strange after Strange takes Lok
7. Mark Mothersbaugh – Twilight of the Gods
Odins talk with Thor and Loki
8. Mark Mothersbaugh – Hela vs. Asgard
Help appears, destroys Thor’s hammer, and ruins Asgard
9. Mark Mothersbaugh – Where Am I?
10. Mark Mothersbaugh – Grandmaster’s Chambers
The first part of Thor meeting the Grand master
11. Mark Mothersbaugh – The Vault
Hela awakens her pet dog and undead minions and calls the fake Infinity Gauntlet out!
12. Mark Mothersbaugh – No One Escapes
Thor talk with Valkyrie before the arena battle; leading into the intro of the arena battle.
13. Mark Mothersbaugh – Arena Fight
The battle between Thor and Hulk.
14. Mark Mothersbaugh – Where’s the Sword?
15. Mark Mothersbaugh – Go
16. Mark Mothersbaugh – What Heroes Do
17. Mark Mothersbaugh – Flashback
Happens when Loki gives Valkyrie a flashback of the battle with Hella and the death of all the other Valkyrie.
18. Mark Mothersbaugh – Parade
Because of Hulk gone, the people have a parade and Thor and Hulk get lost in it.
19. Mark Mothersbaugh – The Revolution Has Begun
20. Mark Mothersbaugh – Sakaar Chase
21. Mark Mothersbaugh – Devil’s Anus
22. Mark Mothersbaugh – Asgard Is a People
23. Mark Mothersbaugh – Where To?
24. Mark Mothersbaugh – Planet Sakaar
25. Mark Mothersbaugh – Grandmaster Jam Session
When Thor is moved into the DJ room of the grand masters building
26. Mark Mothersbaugh – Pure Imagination
Thors travel into meeting the grand master; backstory of sakaar.
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