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Sonic Forces (English) – All Voice Actors & Characters

Behind The Voices Of Sonic Forces: After the successful launch in SEGA games, Sonic Forces has already been released. In SEGA, there wasn’t much graphics and story but in 2017, we can expect some realistic graphics and a fascinating storyline.

1. Sonic The Hedgehog Voice By Roger Craig Smith

2. “Miles Tailes Prower” Voice By Colleen Oshaughnessey

3. Knuckles the Echidha Voice by Travis Willingham


5. Shadow the Hedgehod Voice by Kirk Thornton

6. Espio the Chameleon Voice by Matthew Mercer

7. Charmy Bee Voice by Colleen Oshaughnessey

8. Silver the Hedgehog Voice by Quinton Flynn

9. Rouge the Bat Voice by Karen Strassman

10. Vector the Crocodile Voice by Keith Silverstein

11. E-123 Omega Voice by Vic Mignogna

12. Orbot Kirk Voice by Thornton

13. Cubot Voice by Wally Wingert

14. Zavok Travis Voice by Willingham

15. Dr. Eggman Voice by Mike Pollock

16. Infinite Liam Voice by O Brien


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