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Lady Gaga – Hair Body Face Instrumental

Lady Gaga Rediscovers Her Pop Magic on A Star Is Born’s “Hair Body Face” while The singer herself essentially admitted as much in April 2017, when, six months after unveiling her diamond-encrusted country trifle, she suddenly released the one-off single “The Cure.” Bouncing along on a breezy beat accented by lightly rippling guitar lines that could’ve been pulled straight from a Haim record, “The Cure” was the opposite of an experiment.

The second most surprising thing about her new film A Star Is Born—aside from the movie’s very existence—is that, sprinkled among the soundtrack’s soaring piano ballads, are a few of Gaga’s best pure pop songs in ages. The standout among them is “Hair Body Face,” which is basically “The Cure” injected with the wit and personality found in Gaga’s hits of old, but conspicuously absent in her attempt to move briskly past Joanne.


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