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HIX ArticleGPT Review: Your Best SEO Long-Form Blog Generator


In the digital marketing landscape, content is king. As a result, finding new ways to craft high-quality articles quickly and efficiently is extremely important, especially considering the amount of competition out there. Naturally, this is where an AI-based writing tool like the content generator known as ArticleGPT comes into play.

With the help of such an advanced AI writer, it becomes extremely easy to optimize the content writing process in an instant. To this end, we’re going to quickly dive into ArticleGPT from HIX.AI, as we look to break down different aspects of this writing tool and help you determine if this is the ideal writing assistant to incorporate into your workflow.

What Is HIX ArticleGPT?

ArticleGPT from HIX.AI is an advanced AI writing tool that provides users with an effective way of creating long-form content with minimal time, effort, and money required. Powered by both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, it is capable of generating general articles, news articles, how-to guides, product comparisons, product reviews, and so much more.

However, what makes this platform unique is that it does well to generate hallucination-free, fact-based, plagiarism-free, and SEO-optimized content consistently. Compared to most other AI writing tools that typically fail in one area or the other, HIX ArticleGPT stands out as one of the few that successfully ticks all the boxes.

This makes it a viable writing solution for a wide range of users across different fields and professions. Whether you are a blogger, marketer, student, researcher, journalist, or business owner, this platform can prove to help create content at scale, especially for those who may lack sufficient time to write it themselves.

For those who may be curious about how HIX.AI stacks up with other AI content marketing tools, you can also visit this page to check out what else is available out there.

Can We Trust the Content Quality When Using HIX ArticleGPT?

Most AI writing tools tend to fall short of being able to consistently generate quality long-form content. However, HIX ArticleGPT is one of the rare exceptions that does well to deliver excellent drafts that are error-free and 100% original and unique. All it takes is for you to provide the AI writer with a short brief on the topic and select your preferred inputs, eg. word count, target audience, tone of voice, etc. 

Within seconds, it will provide you with an outline to review and edit before generating the full-length article. It is also worth pointing out that ArticleGPT is one of the few writing tools that allows users to specify the reference sources they would like the article to cite. You can select your preferred webpages, or upload your documents for ArticleGPT to cite from.

What Makes HIX ArticleGPT Special?

Content Customization

When it comes to ensuring high reader engagement, it is important to be able to tailor the content to suit different target audiences. To this end, ArticleGPT allows users to customize the content generated by choosing from 7+ different tones of voice, be it casual, professional, confident, etc. 

In addition, the platform makes it easy to generate articles in your intended reader’s native language, which can often help you reach wider audiences with ease. Since ArticleGPT supports 50+ languages, this means that you have a wide range of options to choose from such as English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, and more. 

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is an extremely important part of ensuring that your content can reach a wider audience. While ArticleGPT does not offer specialized SEO tools, it does make it easier for users to integrate targeted keywords into the content, which ensures that any generated articles can rank highly on SERPs.

Furthermore, ArticleGPT utilizes state-of-the-art AI generation technology to ensure that any content it churns out will be grammatically correct and logically coherent. As a result, you can be confident that the articles will have good readability, which also plays a big part in where your content is placed on search rankings.

UX and Customer Support 

One of the main highlights of ArticleGPT is that the platform offers a smooth and seamless user experience, compared to most other AI writing tools. From start to finish, the entire process is incredibly easy to get through and users with zero technical experience will have no trouble navigating. On top of that, the platform is mobile-optimized and it doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to generate a full-length article.

When it comes to customer support, ArticleGPT only provides free users with a Google Form to fill out. This means that if you want to access proper customer support, you will need to subscribe to a paid tier, which can be inconvenient. On the other hand, the website does come with an extensive section of self-help resources and even a Discord community where you can learn from experts and get advice to resolve any minor issues. 


ArticleGPT offers users the opportunity to test out its features and capabilities through a free trial but to gain full access to the platform, you will need to opt in to the HIX.AI Pro Plan. This will cost $39.99/month and will allow you to generate up to 600,000 words per month on the GPT-3.5 model and 20,000 words per month on the GPT-4 model. 

What Are Pros and Cons of Using HIX ArticleGPT?




Final Thoughts

With so many AI writing tools in the market, it can be hard to identify the best one out there but HIX ArticleGPT is a strong contender for the top choice. After all, if we sum up all the benefits that it offers compared to the drawbacks, it’s safe to say that the long-form generator is a winner. So, if you are looking for a reliable writing assistant to help you craft quality articles, you should head over to the HIX.AI site and give it a try.

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