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EDEKA – Weihnachten 2117 Commercial Ad Song

Weihnachten 2117” is basically a commercial ad of EDEKA that was launched in United State. in November 2017. This commercial ad was released under the title “EDEKA Weihnachtsspot „Weihnachten 2117“”.

The commercial song by 2WEI Music. . The Music was Produced for Commercial Only and is not available to download Anywhere.. if you have any information about this song, please leave your comment Below.

Are we celebrating Christmas in 2117? Check out the new EDEKA Christmas clip and find out. #KeinFestOhne
It’s the year 2117. Artificial intelligence has long since taken control. People live secluded in the woods and for the robots in the cities Christmas does not matter. Until one of them discovers an old Christmas movie and goes in search of what makes the festival of love: love.

This commercial was posted to EDEKA YouTube Page

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