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Dunkirk Soundtrack (2017) – Complete List of Songs

Dunkirk Soundtrack: With the overall rating of 8.3, it earned more than 525 million USD with the initial investment of just 100 million USD. It is actually based on the World War II featuring the Dunkrik Evacuation.

The soundtrack from Dunkirk, a 2017 Movie, tracklist, listen to some of the 12 soundtrack songs and play OST music. background music, View who sings all the songs.

Dunkirk Soundtrack Track Listing

1. Hans Zimmer – The Mole
2. Hans Zimmer – We Need Our Army Back
3. Hans Zimmer – Shivering Soldier
4. Hans Zimmer – Supermarine
5. Hans Zimmer – The Tide
6. Hans Zimmer – Regimental Brothers
7. Hans Zimmer – Impulse
8. Hans Zimmer – Home
9. Hans Zimmer – The Oil
10. Benjamin Wallfisch & Sir Edward Elgar – Variation 15
11. Benjamin Wallfisch, Sir Edward Elgar, Lorne Balfe & Hans Zimmer – End Titles (Dunkirk)

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